Johnny Depp responds to Pirates of the Caribbean return rumours 1 month ago

Johnny Depp responds to Pirates of the Caribbean return rumours

It's not good news for you Captain Jack Sparrow fanatics...

Johnny Depp has denied rumours suggesting that he is set for a shock return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.


Earlier this week, wild rumours began flying around suggesting that the actor was being lined up for a return to the films.

PopTopic claimed a source had told them that Disney was "very interested in patching up their relationship" with Depp and that they were "very hopeful" he would return to the films.

The report speculated that a $301m deal was in the works for this to happen.


But a representative for the 59-year-old has now told E! News: "This is made up."

The story had seemed highly unlikely in the first place, considering that the $301m figure is the same as the entire budget for the third Pirates film, At World's End.

And the figure was seemingly a reference to a moment in his defamation trial with Amber Heard in which he was asked if he would return to the franchise if Disney offered him $300m.

Depp was asked: “If Disney came to you with $300m dollars and a million alpacas, nothing on this earth would get you to go back and work with Disney on a Pirates of the Caribbean film?”


“That is true,” Depp answered.

He last appeared in the franchise in the 2017 film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. This was his fifth appearance as the famous Captain Jack Sparrow.

But he was then dropped from the franchise in 2019 by Disney, who said they wanted to go in a "different direction."

Since his defamation trial win against Amber Heard this month, fans have been demanding that the actor return to his role as the iconic captain. A petition for this to happen has currently amassed 875,000 signatures.


During the trial, one witness told the court that the actor had missed out on an £18 million ($22.5m) payday for Pirates of the Caribbean 6 because of Amber Heard's allegations of domestic abuse against him.

There are two more Pirates of the Caribbean films are currently in the works.

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