Johnny Depp lands first major role since 'wife beater' court case 3 months ago

Johnny Depp lands first major role since 'wife beater' court case

The role choice seems like a match made in heaven

Johnny Depp has secured his first major movie role since losing the "wife beater" defamation case against The Sun newspaper in November.


From the director of "Polisse" and "Mon Roi", the currently named flick will reportedly be a drama and is set to shoot in Versailles this summer.

The 58-year-old acting veteran is set to portray French King Louis XV, but an exact plot is yet to be revealed.

The film will be pitched to buyers at next month's European Film Market in Berlin by Berlin by Wild Brunch International who are handling the international sales, reports Variety.


Louis Louis XV/Via iStock

Louis XV ruled France for 59 years, from 1715 until his death in 1774. While "his failures contributed to the crisis that brought on the French Revolution", he was named "Louis the Beloved" and had more interest in pleasure than governing.

Last year, Johnny Depp's ex Amber Heard, 35, was spotted on the set of Aquaman 2 alongside the film's primary star Jason Mamoa. Suffice to say that fans were not happy.


Heard was not featured much, which was probably a conscious decision on DC's part given the fandoms demands of having her removed. However, fans did not miss clips of her punching what appeared to be a submarine.

"Aquaman 2 be so fine then boom, Amber Heard," tweeted one fan.

"WB and James Wan support a domestic abuser and supporting this movie would mean I would too. And that's a no from me. Amber Heard is an abuser, liar and a fraud. Aquaman will get not one cent of my money," tweeted another.

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