Joe Rogan rants about news story that never existed and is mercilessly mocked for it 1 month ago

Joe Rogan rants about news story that never existed and is mercilessly mocked for it

Turns out 'briefly' reading an article does not count as fact checking

Joe Rogan is the butt of the joke again after ranting about a story that never existed on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.


In an episode of the 54-year-old's controversial podcast uploaded on May 12, Rogan admitted to reading an article "briefly" before continuing to tear it apart in a short monologue.

The article related to a claim that Australia is “trying to pass a bill that would outlaw you growing your own food" - but unfortunately, it was fake news.


After calling the non-existent people behind the so-called news “f***ing creeps”, Rogan suggested that the law could've been designed to weed out anti-vaxxers.

“They got a good grip on people during the pandemic. They locked everybody down in Australia and they thought ‘You know what? We’re going to stop these motherf***ers from growing their own food.' Cause that’s how you f***ing smoke out an anti-vaxxer," he argued.

Imitating the fake people, he said: “You can’t even go to a grocery store anymore and you can’t grow your own food – take that shot, bitch!”


However things got awkward later on as Rogan's guest, public speaker Bryan "Hotep Jesus" Sharpe, exclaimed ”nothing’s coming up" while looking for the story.

“That’s gotta be a real thing. It seems too good to not be," Rogan said, having the joined the search himself. “Yep, I can’t find it either. Dammit! Better not be fake. It might be fake.”


Sharpe replied: “But even if it’s fake, the fake is usually the warning.”

The internet has naturally eaten the situation up, with many saying this is exactly what's wrong with Rogan's podcast.


“It all makes sense now because a 5 second glance on Google is all the research Joe does before spouting off bs," one user wrote.

Journalist Zach D Roberts wrote: "He's citing a fake news story and wondering why he can't find more information. This is Joe Rogan the man that has a 100 million dollar contract from Spotify and whose fans tell me he's very smart and a great fact checker."

To think, the whole situation could've been avoided with one simple Google search.

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