Jimmy Fallon's story about a ping-pong game with Prince is majestic 5 years ago

Jimmy Fallon's story about a ping-pong game with Prince is majestic

Prince was not only an artistic genius, he was also notoriusly eccentric, funny, and a notorious prankster.

Jimmy Fallon has met a lot of celebrities, but it would be hard to top this star encounter story that the host and Questlove, his bandleader on the show, recently revealed.


The pair spoke fondly about the time Prince challenged Jimmy to a game of ping-pong at Susan Sarandon's table tennis club, Spin.

Apparently, anytime Prince wanted to contact Jimmy, he would do so through a third party who would call him and simply say "He wants to see you."



Jimmy was once contacted during a dinner with his wife and was challenged to a ping-pong match by Prince's assistant.

Obviously, Jimmy ran to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event.


When Jimmy arrived, Prince was dressed in a double-breasted blue suit (not exactly sportswear) and proceeded to trounce the talk show host - and then disappear into the night without a word.

Peak Prince.

The whole video really is worth a watch.

While we're at it, remember when Prince was a guest star on New Girl?


The Purple One was a big fan of the show, and it turns out a decent comedic actor.

Last weekend, an editor on New Girl shared a curated party playlist that Prince prepared for his guest appearance.


The executive producer of The Simpsons also shared a glimpse at the lost script for an aborted Prince episode of the animated comedy.


All of these recollections just serve as a bittersweet reminder of the legend the world has lost.