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31st Mar 2022

Jared Leto’s Marvel debut Morbius certified ‘Rotten’ as early reviews arrive

Simon Bland

Things aren’t looking good for Leto’s latest…

After debuting to journalists last night, reviews have started to pour in for Jared Leto’s vampire-themed Spider-Man spin-off Morbius – and by the looks of it, it kind of sucks.

Initial reports suggested that the movie had so far garnered a ‘rotten’ 20 per cent critic rating on review accumulator site Rotten Tomatoes – however an updated look reveals it’s now down to just 19 per cent.

The early word appears to say that Leto’s latest – in which he takes on the classic Marvel anti-hero and part time Spider-Man villain Morbius The Living Vampire – is well… just a bit boring.

So far, the site has gathered around 80 reviews with many viewers echoing the same – or similar – sentiments.

“Morbius may be a living vampire, but this supervillain origin story is dead on arrival. A rote, lifeless and cynical attempt to expand Sony’s Spidey-Verse,” explained one writer.

“It is a muddy puddle of a blockbuster; aimless, dull and lacking in a pulse,” said another.

“A flat, dull mess of a blockbuster that commits the cardinal cinematic sin of being unfathomably boring,” clearly relishing in their lack of restraint.

Co-starring the likes of Jared Harris, Adria Arjona and former Doctor Who Matt Smith, the movie marks Leto’s first proper foray into the comic book genre and sees him play Michael Morbius, a doctor with a rare blood disorder that spirals into full-on vampirism when his experiments to find a cure go awry.

The release also helps Sony continue its determination to set up its own extended superhero universe following the success of Tom Hardy’s two outings as Venom over the past few years.

Created with help from Marvel Studios, the film includes crossover links similar in nature to the multiverse tampering we saw take place in web-headed mega-hit Spider-Man: No Way Home earlier this year, with familiar faces from the rogues gallery in Tom Holland’s Spidey-verse expected to make an appearance.

Still, it doesn’t look like it’s helped much – and people on Twitter have wasted no time in sharing their ‘hot takes’…

Morbius is in cinemas from today.

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