Jamie Isaac shares incredible new single "Wings", announces new album 4 years ago

Jamie Isaac shares incredible new single "Wings", announces new album

I've been saying it for a minute now but Jamie Isaac is next up.

There's something special about him. He's in that James Blake, Jamie Woon kinda pocket - and that's some pretty good company to be around - but he's got a classic feel to his music that those guys don't have, it's like he's paying homage to the greats before him with a new age twist.


In fact, musically there's probably a slight comparison to be made to John Legend's second album, Home Again - or at least when discussing his new single.

Describing "Wings" as his baby, the bossa nova number is certainly something to be cherished like a newborn. It's weightless and transports your soul to a peaceful place from the moment you push play.

Inspired after rediscovering Getz/Gilberto, the ground-breaking 1964 album by Stan Getz and João Gilberto, in San Francisco, it's an important tone-setter for his upcoming new album.


"I started listening to [Getz/Gilberto] and realised this is what I want to make for the next record," Isaac admits. "I want to make pop, bossa nova, electronic music. Waking up in sunny California instead of South London, where it's raining - it'll obviously affect you."

But it's not just a new single Jamie Isaac has in the chamber, he's also readying his sophomore album for release in June.

Titled (04:30) Idler, it's the follow up to his 2016 debut Couch Baby, and will arrive via Marathon Artists June 1st 2018. Combining bossa nova with '70s analog synths and the polymorphous vibrations of London's new burgeoning jazz scene, (04:30) Idler is set to be a body of work that translates into good food for the soul.