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29th Jun 2023

Jake Paul broke his new $420,000 Ferrari just one hour after buying it

Steve Hopkins

First, he joked he should get a job on Top Gear, and then the warnings lights started flashing

‘The Problem Child’ has lived up to his name, yet again, breaking a $420,000 (£332K) Ferrari just an hour after getting it out of the showroom.

The Youtuber-turned-boxer got a little too excited in the supercar and took it for a rather juvenile joyride.

And, naturally, a video of the incident is on its way to going viral. In 16 hours a clip of the incident has been viewed almost 400,000 times on his YouTube channel.

Paul suggested he should be given a gig on Top Gear as he took out the bright-yellow Ferrari 296 GTB, saying: “I feel like I need to start talking in a British accent and using big words, like the Top Gear people.

“Top Gear needs to hire me!”

Rather than getting used to the Ferrari, whose gas and electric motor combine to produce 819 horsepower sent exclusively to the rear wheels through an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, Paul decided to do some doughnuts.

While these cars can reach incredible speeds in seconds, they’re not made to be trashed like a street machine, so the dash soon started lighting up with problem messages, including ‘low beam failure’, ‘AVS failure’, ‘ESC system failure’, and ‘Manettino failure’.

Basically, they mean, return the car to the dealer.

“I don’t know if I was supposed to drive it that hard on the first day,” Paul said.

“Doesn’t everybody do that?” he joked.

After getting it home, Paul started having a look around the car and found that the tyres weren’t in great shape either, so called his dad.

“You know you’re supposed to break those in before you do what you do?” he said.

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