Jada Pinkett Smith makes joke about Queen after Oprah interview 6 months ago

Jada Pinkett Smith makes joke about Queen after Oprah interview

The headline-grabbing interview was aired on ITV last night, and has raised a whole host of questions and debates around the Royal Family that people want answers to

Jada Pinkett Smith, actor and host of the Red Table Talk podcast alongside her daughter Willow Smith, has joked that maybe the solution to getting to the truth about the current situation with the Royal Family would be to have the Queen herself on the show, to spill the royal tea.


The actress posted a picture on Instagram of her and her daughter sat either side of the famous red table with the Queen photoshopped between the two of them, in place of Pinkett Smith's mother who also hosts the show.

Many on social media had already come up with the idea, with one giving a tight deadline tweeting: "Queen Elizabeth on Red Table Talk by Wednesday."

Clearly Pinkett Smith had seen these suggestions, captioning the Photoshopped image: "I can't wit ya'll!!!!"

By far the most damning and controversial of the claims that Harry and Meghan made to Oprah was that a member of the Royal Family had raised "concerns" about the colour of their son Archie's skin whilst Meghan was pregnant with him.

However the Queen herself came out of the whole thing relatively unscathed, with Meghan saying on numerous occasions how welcomed she had felt by her.

Needless to say that everyone is looking for a response from the Royals, and whilst an in-depth chat between Her Majesty and the Smiths on Red Table Talk would certainly provide that, it sadly will remain in the realms of fantasy and Photoshop for now.