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25th Jun 2018

Jack’s other ex is now on her way to Love Island to win him back

It's not the former girlfriend many were expecting to arrive

Jade Hayden

They were still together only two days before he entered Love Island

It was rumoured a few days back that one of Jack Fincham’s exes, Keeley, was going to be entering the Love Island villa to try and win him back from Dani Dyer.

However, it appears that it won’t be Keeley heading in to settle a few scores, but Jack’s other ex girlfriend, Ellie.

Confusing, we know, but let’s just go with it.

The Sun reports that it’s been pretty much confirmed that Ellie will enter the villa over the next few days, having already quit her job and told everyone she works with that she’s going on Love Island. 

Bit embarrassing if she gets dumps after a week then, isn’t it?

Their source said:

“Ellie recently quit her job as a secretary and told everyone in the office that she’s going on Love Island.

“She said that after seeing Jack on TV, she got in in touch with the show and asked to go on. She and Jack were very off and on, but were together two days before he went on the show.”

Alright yeah, they were together for two days, whatever, he’s been with Dani for two weeks.

The source went on:

“She wants him back and will go in there trying to get back together with him. It’s bad news for Dani as Ellie and Jack have a lot of history.”

Perfect time really, after Jack made things #official with Dani last night as he finally asked her to be his girlfriend.

Dani said yes, ran off to tell everyone else what had happened, and then they all jumped in the pool and had a great time.

It was lovely, it really was.

And now shit is about to well and truly hit the fan.