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25th Feb 2024

‘Impossible’ question on The 1% Club gets the most people out in a single round

Nina McLaughlin

Viewers were left furious after the ‘impossible’ question

Last night’s episode of The 1% Club on ITV has left people fuming thanks to one question in particular.

The 1% Club first began to air back in 2022, and has become a staple of Saturday night TV since.

Each show begins with 100 contestants, but this is slowly whittled down as the questions get increasingly harder.

However, the most recent episode left people furious after it knocked out nearly a third of contestants in one go.

Both viewers at home and contestants playing the game show struggled with the question, and it even broke a record for getting the most contestants out in a single round in the show’s history.

The question in question saw players being asked how many eyes were in an image.

Source: ITV

Featuring a host of different letters, punctuation and emojis, it seemed like it should be simple enough to answer.

However, it saw a record 30 contestants be booted off in a single round – the most that have ever lost in one go, according to presenter Lee Mack.

The answer to this tricky question was 15 eyes in the image.

Many people thought it would be 22, though, due to the letter ‘i’ appearing multiple times in the sequence, but because the question specified ‘eyes’, this was wrong.

Viewers took to social media to share their outrage at the ‘impossible’ question.

One person wrote: “Damn. Out at the 35% question this week. All because of eyes!”

A second put: “I tend to try and outsmart and second guess the questions at #The1PercentClub and it doesn’t work! At the ‘eye’ question, I counted 15, but because the question was ‘how many eyes can you see’, and you can’t really see the eyes of this, I thought it was 13.”

“EYE DON’T KNOW OKAY,” a third joked.