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27th Nov 2018

We added horror movie icons to the White House Christmas photos and they fit perfectly

They fit in alarmingly well

Ciara Knight

A house that is most definitely dreaming of a white Christmas this year

Not sure if you’ve heard, but the White House has put its Christmas decorations up a cool 12 days before the official start of Christmas. Not that it matters, as that’s probably the least problematic decision that’s come from the house in recent years.

The pictures, as evidenced above, are chilling in every way. They are so chilling they might take hours, even days to fully thaw.

Naturally, I’ve added some horror movie characters into the official pictures, just to see how it would feel.

To my absolute surprise, it transpires that they fit in alarmingly well with their surroundings and actually improve the overall aesthetics of the house’s decor.

What does this mean? Honestly, I can’t even begin to work that out. Just enjoy it for what it is, which is unclear at present.

 The Vermeil Room was missing something, but Jason Voorhees filled that hole with great ease


Pennywise proves to be the perfect addition to any China room, really tying the whole aesthetic together


Leatherface chopped down those 14-foot Nobel fir trees all by himself, of course he’s going to want to be in the official photographs


Freddy Krueger wishes a very merry Christmas to you and yours this holiday season, whatever your beliefs


The Red Room was nothing until Pinhead graced it with his presence, now it is picture perfect



The Cross Hall shines bright with Ghostface adding a certain sense of pizzazz and charm


Jack Torrance has taken Melanie’s ‘Be Best’ initiative wreaths from a 1/10 to a solid 1.5/10, the old dawg


If you’ve any questions about the Green Room, Chucky would be more than happy to field them at his nearest convenience


Norman Bates can’t wait to tell you about the gingerbread buildings from the National Mall, why don’t you pull up a chair?


Samara wants you to take as long as you need to marvel at the impressive 18-foot official White House Christmas tree


Carrie spreads festive cheer wherever she goes, especially in the White House crèche 


Hannibal Lecter is the perfect addition to any State Dining Room – try it for yourself! Results guaranteed!