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25th Mar 2017

Here’s what Harrison Ford said to air traffic control after near miss with passenger plane

Imagine being the air traffic controller receiving this message

Carl Kinsella

“My name is Harrison Ford.” We can’t imagine air traffic control expected to hear that…

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating an incident where Harrison Ford flew his small plane far too close to a passenger plane at John Wayne Airport.

TMZ has released the audio footage of Ford explaining to air traffic control what happened, as well as the hilarious moment that the air traffic controller seems to realise who he’s speaking to.

Ford opens by identifying himself as “the schmuck that landed on the taxiway” before explaining that he was “distracted by the airliner in motion”, while the air traffic staff remains friendly and nonchalant about the blip.

After he’s asked for his name, Ford tells the air traffic controller who he is which is followed by a simple “Okay,” but the big reveal seems to come later.

As Ford rummages for his pilot’s license, the air traffic control guy says “Take your time, no big deal,” prompting Ford to say “It’s a big deal for me,” followed by the air traffic control guy seemingly copping on and saying “Oh!”

You can hear the whole thing below. Only thing missing is a well-timed “May the force be with you.”