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29th Mar 2016

Daniel Radcliffe shares an ace throwback photo of the Harry Potter cast at a wrestling show

Carl Anka

We were all wrestling fans once.

The spectacle, the artistry, the “violence”, the pomp & circumstance – the world of WWE (or WWF if you’re an old boy), has captured the spectacle of many a young man.

Including Daniel Radcliffe.

The former Harry Potter has revealed himself to be a wrestling fan this past week, sharing an old photo (on Google+ no less) of himself and Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) at a 2000 pay per view event in Sheffield.


Taken just days before filming on the first Harry Potter film, the trip was a special treat from film producer David Heyman, who took Radcliffe, Lewis and Rupert Grint to the show.

With Wrestlemania 32 right around the corner, might this signal a special appearance from the trio as a new English wrestling stable? Stranger things have happened…

We were all wrestling fans at least once.

Wrestlemania 32 will be in Arlington, Texas this year on April 3 with Roman Reigns v Triple H as the main event. It will be available to watch using a free monthly trial on the WWE Network