Hackers could be selling your Netflix account on the black market 5 years ago

Hackers could be selling your Netflix account on the black market

You might not protect your Netflix password as closely as other personal details, but perhaps you should.

This is because stolen accounts are providing hackers with a way to make easy money, and they can often do it without you even knowing.


Seeing as Netflix allows multiple users to share logins (perhaps you share details with your partner, or use your parents' login for yourself), it's easy for hackers to take advantage. And The Guardian reports that this is happening more and more.


According to the paper, stolen Netflix login details are being sold at a discount on the black market.

This means people are often paying less than the usual £5.99/month minimum for the streaming service, with reports claiming some are going for as little as 25 US cents (17p).

And, of course, if someone is using your login details without your knowledge then you could be kicked out of your account due to limits on the number of people watching at one time - it doesn't matter if you're paying full price and doing everything above-board.

A number of Netflix accounts were hacked last year, and advice was issued then which could still be useful now if you want to make sure your account is safe.