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12th Jun 2017

Great news because Luther is coming back for more episodes

Paul Moore

Amazing news.

We’re well accustomed to the usual TV conversations that you would have with your mates down the pub.

It’s very likely that you’ve heard ‘insert name of random TV show’ is the greatest piece of television since The Wire or The Sopranos, but quite frankly, there isn’t enough hours in the day to watch everything.

We can safely say though that Luther, which the brilliant Idris Elba won a Golden Globe for, is a must watch for fans of detective dramas, occult mysteries, serial killers, cat and mouse dramas and some bloody brilliant characters.

FYI, it’s on Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet.

We’re delighted to say that DCI John Luther and his brilliant yet dangerous mind will be returning once again.

The new four-part series written by Neil Cross and starring Idris Elba will start filming early next year.

Writer Neil Cross, says: “Now what? It’s a question Idris and I get asked a lot. What happened to John Luther after we last saw him striding unbowed through the streets of his city, his blood red London? It can’t be over, can it? There’s so much we don’t know. So much unfinished business.

“The thing is, we’ve been asking ourselves the same question. Because we love John and wonder what he’s up to. And as for me, I’m scared of the monsters. The face at the window. The hand under the bed. The shadow at the end of the street. Who’s going to stop them, if not John Luther?

“In the end, we picked up the phone to some old friends and asked if they’d like to find out what happens next. It turns out, they would. So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to find out what happens next.

“Now what? Luther’s coming back. That’s what.”

Idris Elba, says: “Neil, the BBC and I have been talking about a further season and I am thrilled that we have been able to bring it all together. I look forward to putting the coat back on.”

We can’t wait.