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24th Oct 2017

GBBO contestant makes surprising revelation about editing on the show

It's all about one of GBBO's highest accolades

Keeley Ryan

The Great British Bake Off has nearly come to an end – we know, it’s hard to believe.

There are only four bakers left in the competition after Liam left the tent last week.

And while we’re definitely excited to see what delicious-looking treats Patisserie Week has in store, we were left a little stumped over one of the contestant’s recent reveals.

Sophie, Kate, Stacey, and Steven all sat down with Radio Times recently where Sophie shared some new information about one of the show’s highest accolades: a Paul Hollywood handshake.

She said that she was given the very first of this series during Cake Week this year, whereas the final edit made it look like Steven had.

Both bakers had gotten the coveted handshake during the first episode, but Sophie was keen to point out hers happened first.

She explained:

“I got the first Hollywood handshake on the show – on TV it was edited so it looked like Steven got the first one but it was actually me.”

Sophie wowed the judges with her champagne bottle and ice bucket-shaped cake, meanwhile, Steven impressed them with his sandwich-style offering.

But the handshake holds a particularly sentimental value for Stephen, who dubbed it his “best moment” of the series.

He added:

“Getting star baker and a handshake will always be my best moment, but my fondest memories are sitting in the sun outside the tent, just relaxing and chatting with the other bakers.

“The worst moments always come when they announce who is going home.

“The person who leaves each week is not just another baker, but they are our friends. It’s the worst.”