‘Gordon, Gino And Fred’ to come to an end after this season 6 months ago

‘Gordon, Gino And Fred’ to come to an end after this season

Gordon, Gino And Fred will be missed

Having announced that 'Gordon, Gino And Fred' would no longer be filming, fans were left disheartened after Gino D'Acampo shared the news on Instagram.


Posting to Instagram on Sunday, Gino said: "Breaking News… Unfortunately we will no longer be filming #GordonGinoandFred mainly because @gordongram is too busy working on his hair highlights in USA. But don't worry guys, @fred_sirieix and I have a plan #JustinGinoandFred Coming soon…….GDx."


The image shows D'Acampo curled up on the sofa with Fred Sirieix; Ramsay is missing from the shot.

The show follows Gordon Ramsay, Gino D'Acampo, and Fred Sirieix as they visit various nations across the globe where they experience local cultures, foods, and of course, share some laughs.

But don't worry, Gino did hint at something on the horizon with Fred, minus Gordon's trademark wit.

It's currently unclear what format the new format will look like with only Gino and Fred on their journeys together.


The series first started in 2018, and a second series aired in September of this year.

Fans have begun sharing their feelings, and the post has since gained over 80k likes.

"Two out of three is better than none right?! Just the best boys!!!" wrote one person who is apparently not phased by the News.

Another echoed the above sentiments: "Haha I would honestly just watch you two anyway!"


But not everyone was content with the news, with one heartbroken viewer writing.

"Nobody will watch if Gordon's not on. he's the proper chef (just kidding) Hope you guys get back on screen soon all amazing and fun to watch dragging England out of this big depression," wrote Gareth.

Another wrote: "noooooo the 3 of u are the best, gutted but Fred and Gino will still be good, Gordon plz come back."

So with the show on the backburner, at least until Ramsay sorts his highlights out, you're going to need to get your fill elsewhere.


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