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01st Apr 2019

Gemma Collins offers to help Theresa May with Brexit

Marc Mayo

On the balance of probability, Theresa May is unlikely to know who Gemma Collins is

Perhaps one of the good things about Brexit is how literally everyone in the country has become more engaged in politics, which has led to the situation of TOWIE’s Gemma Collins offering to give prime minister Theresa May a hand with running the country and it not sounding ridiculous.

The PM’s withdrawal agreement to leave the European Union has been rejected three times by parliament and exactly what happens between now and the April 12 deadline is anyone’s guess.

Therefore, Brexit supporter Collins reckons she could have a crack at sorting out the mess.

“Theresa needs to make a decision,” she said on Monday’s Good Morning Britain.

“I voted out, but I think Theresa needs to lead our nation, take a deep breath to make a deal and let’s move forward.  What’s she doing?

“She needs to take the lead. If you a leader in this country, take the lead and own it, and the people will follow in the end.

“If you need some help, hun, I’m free after the show.

“You’ve go to have some gumption if you’re leading the country and she’s going to take stick whatever she does but she just needs to lead our country and go for it.”

In a large way, The Only Way Is Essex is a lot like British politics; fake friendships, a sense of escapism from the universe’s ceaseless, burning futility. This could work.