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11th Jan 2023

Golden Globes viewers call for Ricky Gervais to return to hosting duties after Jerrod Carmichael’s opening monologue

Charlie Herbert

Golden Globes viewers call for Ricky Gervais to return as host after Jerrod Carmichael's opening monologue

Just like Gervais, Carmichael wasn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers, but not everyone was amused

Viewers of the Golden Globes on Sunday night were calling for Ricky Gervais to return to hosting duties after Jerrod Carmichael’s opening monologue.

The host for the 80th ceremony opened by putting the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (the HFPA, the folks who vote for the Golden Globes winners) under fire.

Last year’s show was made a “private event” by the HFPA after an exposé into the lack of diversity within the organisation, along with a separate ethics scandal, sparked controversy around the event and prompted a boycott of the awards by many.

This year’s host was Carmichael, an American comedian, who from the off didn’t shy away from calling out the HFPA.

He started: “I’ll tell you why I’m here, I’m here because I’m black.

“I’ll tell you what’s been going on. This show, the Golden Globe Awards did not air last year, because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which I won’t say they’re a racist organisation, but they didn’t have a single black member until George Floyd died. Do with that information what you will.

“One minute I’m making mint tea at home, the next you’re invited to be the black face of an embattled white organisation.

“Life really comes at you fast.”

You can watch his full opening monologue below.

Despite laughter from those in attendance, a number of viewers at home were not impressed, and called for Gervais to return as host next year.

One person commented: “Ricky Gervais wishes he could’ve made that room as uncomfortable as Jerrod Carmichael did.”

“Jerrod Carmichael just made a great for why the #GoldenGlobes2023 should have brought back Ricky Gervais,” another added.

Someone else wrote: “Isn’t it premature to declare Jerrod Carmichael the anti-Ricky Gervais?”

And film critic Kyle Smith said: “They need to bring back Ricky Gervais. Not next year. Right now, during the show.”

And although they didn’t call for Gervais to return, one journalist said that the ” feeling of discomfort and awkwardness in the room during jerrod carmichael’s monologue could probably power a country.”

But others were supportive of Carmichael. In particular, viewers praised the comic for a Scientology joke he made referencing Tom Cruise, just before introducing Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick co-stars Glen Powell and Jay Ellis to the stage.

One person said the joke was “better and braver than anything Ricky Gervais ever said at any of these shows.”

Another echoed the sentiment, tweeting: “This single joke was more brutal, cutting and edgy than anything Ricky Gervais ever said during his four stints hosting the Golden Globes.”

It is just over three years since Gervais delivered a memorable opening monologue at the 2020 Golden Globes, in which he took aim at a number of the nominees, and the world of Hollywood in general.

You can find our thoughts on Carmichael’s monologue, and the other highlights from the Golden Globes right here.

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