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03rd Nov 2021

GMB hit with Ofcom complaints after Richard Madeley’s ‘darling’ comment

Charlie Herbert

Richard Madeley gets Ofcom complaints

Madeley made the comment to an Insulate Britain protester last week.

Good Morning Britain has been hit with 51 Ofcom complaints after host Richard Madeley called an Insulate Britain protestor “darling,” according to the Daily Star.

The GMB host used the word as he clashed with campaigner Tracey Mallaghan as he interviewed her on October 27.

Madeley accused her of risking lives by blocking up roads with the protests, but things got even more heated when he referred to her as “darling.”

As Mallaghan insisted that Insulate Britain protests were necessary because our “kids face an unimaginable future,” Madeley tried to calm her down and called her “darling.”

He said: “You are not answering the question, are you?”

The demonstrator replied: “You are not asking the right questions. Is it because you are heartless or too scared? I am genuinely perplexed that journalists are not asking the right questions here.”

Richard said: “Well, my questions are my decision, to be honest with you…”

She snapped back: “Do you know what a 2 degree world looks like? Why can’t we talk about it? That is the question Richard.

“A 95 percent chance of a 2 degree world for our children, do you know what looks like?”

Richard said: “What you are doing, darling…”

He quickly stopped himself and apologised, saying: “Sorry to call you darling.”

Mallaghan answered: “You have already been told off about that sweetheart.”

Madeley then said it was a “showbiz thing” and a “habit of mine that I find it hard to stop.”

Just a few days earlier he had come under fire for calling a parenting expert “darling” during a debate about the Netflix show, Squid Game.

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