Gino D'Acampo picked up on mic having 'meltdown' at This Morning staff whilst off-camera 4 years ago

Gino D'Acampo picked up on mic having 'meltdown' at This Morning staff whilst off-camera

He wasn't happy on today's show and went on a rant, leaving viewers to ask whether he was 'looking to get fired'.

Gino went off on one at Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on today's episode of This Morning.


As you probably already know it was snowing earlier today leaving the hosts to spend a segment discussing the winter-y weather. However, when they then asked Gino what he planned on cooking up later, the chef got a bit defensive.

"Well, you'll find out after whatever you're doing," he said, in a deadpan tone.

"It's a surprise. I don't want to tell people what I'm doing... It's steak. If you're vegetarian, look away. That's what I'm doing."


Holly joked: "What's happened to you today? So grumpy."



"I hate the snow," Gino replied. "The snow blocks everything. You can't go anywhere. People drive crazy. People are crazy. Everything freezes up."

"He's very grumpy," Holly said, as Phillip added: "I don't know what's up with him today."


"Very grumpy. Very grumpy," Holly added.

You might think it was all a bit of banter, but the chef was even heard shouting at someone off-camera, as the show returned from an ad break.

Holly Willoughby looked a bit pissed off with it all, telling viewers: "Welcome back, Gino's kicking off..." She turned to him and tried to calm the situation down. "Gino, Gino, Gino - it's Monday, relax. It's snowy."

But Gino ranted on: "It's this lady, she tells you all the time, stay here, stay there."

"Stop being a diva," Phil replied, while Holly insisted: "It's just the rules of the studio, calm down."