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20th May 2019

Game of Thrones fans delighted as Ghost gets the ending they always wanted

Wayne Farry

game of thrones

The ending that this good boy deserved

Once again people, this will have a lot of spoilers. So just be wary if you’ve not watched the finale of Game of Thrones.

game of thrones finale

There was widespread anger with the writers of Game of Thrones when Jon Snow departed Winterfell after the Battle of Winterfell without even giving his direwolf Ghost a little scratch around the ear to say goodbye.

Everyone is acutely aware of the cost associated with creating these CGI wolves for the show – hence why they have remained mostly absent from on-screen action despite being inexorably linked with their Stark owners throughout the books.

The decision of Jon (or more accurately, the writers) to leave for King’s Landing without saying goodbye to Ghost for what could have been the final time was unforgivable for many fans, and showcased what many see as a lack of care of the writers to accurately portray some of the the relationships in the books.

Thankfully, in one of the final scenes of the Game of Thrones family, we saw the show go some way to making up for that mistake with Jon Snow’s departure up North and into Castle Black.

Once Jon entered the castle walls, who was there other than the amazing good boy Ghost, ready to lick his face and get the goodbye – or in this case hello – he never got before.

It was a beautiful moment, and one that the fans were absolutely delighted with. Now that the show is over for good we can only hope that in the hypothetical continuing universe of Thrones Jon is treating that dog to belly scratches and treats on the reg.