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13th Aug 2017

Game of Thrones fans will question everything after this superb Jaime Lannister montage

Paul Moore

“You idiot. You f**king idiot.”

Aside from the superb action, witty dialogue and intriguing plot, there’s one reason why Game of Thrones continues to be the world’s best show, the characters. Spoilers are coming because we’re going to be discussion one of the best characters in Westeros, the Kingslayer, Jaime Lannister.

Tyrion may have called him a ‘f**king idiot’ for charging at Daenerys, but Jaime Lannister has already proven himself to be one of the most complex and intriguing characters in the show. When we first meet him, the former Lord Commander of the Kingsguard was smug, arrogant and proclaimed as a ‘Man Without Honour.’

Not only did he stab his King in the back, but he revelled in the fact that he was having an incestuous relationship with his twin Cersei. To compound matters, he paralysed Bran by throwing him out of the window in the Winterfell tower.

Aside from this, he goads Jon Snow following his decision join the Night’s Watch, fights against the Starks, revels in his ability to dish out death and taunts Catelyn when he’s held captive.

We’re made to believe that Jaime Lannister is an evil man, but his character arc has been a joy to watch.

After being captured at The Battle of the Whispering Wood, Jaime’s redemption and true motives start to come into focus as he travels with Brienne.

After finally learning that Aerys II Targaryen, aka Daenerys father ‘The Mad King’, lost his mind and threatened to ‘burn them all,’, Jaime’s decision to stab his king in the back is heroic, not treacherous.

‘He told me to bring my father’s head. Then he turned to his pyromancers. Burn them all. Burn them in their homes. Burn them in their beds. Burn them all, he kept saying. Burn them all,” Jaime said.

Of course, Daenerys won’t easily forgive the Kingslayer but Jaime has also freed Tyrion from prison and has clashed with Cersei. He’s neither good nor bad which makes him incredibly interesting.

Speculation about this prophecy combined with the revelation regarding the truth about Joffrey’s death has made Game of Thrones fans really question which path Jaime will travel in the final episodes.

If you were wondering why Jaime Lannister decided to attack Daenerys   at the end of that spectacular episode, this will provide a few reasons and maybe make you question which characters you’re rooting for in the war for the Iron Throne.

We’re predicting that the Kingslayer will have a massive role to play.

Clip via – TheGaroStudios