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22nd Mar 2019

Fyre Festival promoters Fuckjerry are being sued for stealing a meme

Jade Hayden

Hardly surprising news this morning

Fyre Festival promoters and social media whizzes Fuckjerry are being sued for allegedly stealing a meme and using it to promote their tequila brand, JAJA.

The business behind the immensely popular Instagram account is often criticised for reposting and stealing online content without the creator’s consent – accusations of which increased considerably following the release of both Fyre Festival documentaries earlier this year.

The meme in question included two screenshots of a conversation about drinking where one person states that they left a party early via an Uber and the other responds saying, “we drank at your place”.

Fuckjerry reposted the meme with the caption: “Me after my 6th glass of @JAJA.”

The Verge reports that Jerry Media, which owns Fuckjerry, is being sued by a social media personality based in Nigeria, who claims that the group violated copyright law by using the meme to promote their own brand.

In a statement, the company said: “This is a frivolous lawsuit and we intend to defend it vigorously.”

Fuckjerry received much social media attention off the back of the Fyre Festival documentaries.

The company’s role in promoting the disastrous festival that never happened involved co-ordinating and scheduling social media posts leading up to the event.

Fuckjerry also produced the Netflix film about the festival in partnership with Vice.

The recent lawsuit requests unspecified damages.