Friends, but with the viral suspected thief instead of Ross Geller 2 years ago

Friends, but with the viral suspected thief instead of Ross Geller

It hasn't been his day, week, month, or even his year

Not sure if you've heard, but Blackpool Police are looking to speak to a man in relation to a theft. Pretty standard procedure, except the internet has decided that this guy looks extremely like Ross Geller from Friends.

As you can clearly see, this anonymous blob of a man doesn't really look like Ross at all. If anything, he looks more like Russ, Rachel's ex who was a Poundland version of Ross.

To further emphasise how much this suspected criminal doesn't look like Ross Geller, I've added him to some iconic Friends scenes, for clarity.

Ideally, the CCTV image appears to have been taken using a baked potato, which only adds to the confirmation that this geezer looks nothing like Ross from Friends.

Behold the definitive proof that this viral suspect is not, under any circumstances, Ross Geller.

"Did you count Mississippily too?"


"The cameras are coming. Stay loose"




"Ross, you've got to do something about the humping"


"Years and years ago, there were these people called the Maccabees"


"The lotion and the powder have made a paste"


"Well, I did leave the gel on a little longer than it said to..."


"It's what the Japanese call Unagi"


"It sounds like the dying cat parade"


"Who, me? I'M FINE"


"Sounds terrific. Really bitching"


"I have an oily T-zone"






Curveball: After examining the above evidence, it transpires that the suspect is indeed Ross Geller. Stay woke.




Images via NBC