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12th Jul 2018

Frankie reveals that he spent a night in the Hideaway with Samira

The Do Bits Society could not be contacted for comment

Rebecca O'Keeffe

The Do Bits Society can neither confirm or deny the news

So earlier today we learned that Samira had left Love Island, and the real reason may have been something to do with Georgia.

And now, in an interesting turn of events, it seems her relationship with Frankie was more serious than we thought.

‘We did, we spent time in the Hideaway,’ he told

Confirming the news, Frankie explained what went on:

“We got a text and then the other islanders picked us two, and then everyone was cheering us on as we walked in.”

Frankie did maintain some secrecy, refusing to disclose whether he and Samira had sex.

‘I cannot talk about the Do Bits Society, it’s top secret, have you not heard the rules of the DBS?’ ‘Once you get your membership card you are in DBS for life.’

However, their romantic encountered was edited out of the show.

A source close to the show told The Mirror: “I know producers don’t always show what goes on in the Hideaway, but no-one’s been told why Samira and Frankie’s session wasn’t broadcast.”