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30th Nov 2015

Frank Ocean fans are losing their sh*t about new 2016 album rumours

Thinkin Bout You, Frank

Lia Nicholls

It’s been three and a half since Frank Ocean released his first album Channel Orange and music fans are getting desperate for him to return.

Rumours are swirling a new FO track – or even an album – could be dropped any day.

Frank isn’t playing ball. It’s four months since he posted a blog post reading ‘#july2015’. July came and went, still nada. Not only is staying schtum, he’s so quiet, he could have taken a trip to Mars.

But more frothing has ensued this week after producer A-Trak announced on Twitter:

The speculation it refers to Frank comes from how much the gifted artist loves his cars and a story about his cousin saying to a mate to ‘remember the words White Ferrari’.

We all like to take things to the extreme on Twitter but to say Frank’s fans are getting impatient is an understatement.

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