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30th Jul 2023

First trailer for Saw X has dropped and people are absolutely terrified

Callum Boyle

Saw X

‘I got chills’

Fans of the Saw franchise have reason to be excited, or petrified, after the trailer for the latest instalment was released on Sunday.

Saw X will be the 10th edition since the first film came out all the way back in 2004 and will hit cinema screens on September 29.

The trailer shows serial killer John Kramer looking for a treatment to his terminal cancer and eventually finds an experimental treatment happening in Mexico.

Included in the montage are all the people who are also receiving treatment while Kramer himself in fact sees his cancer duped as oppose to cured.

Given the franchise’s popularity, the trailer was always going to draw in lots of viewers however some have admitted that they’ve been left terrified by what they have seen.

“I got chills,” wrote one person.

A second person tweeted: “OHHHH MYYYYY GOOOODDDDD.”

Another said: “I’m shook.”

“F*****G CHILLS,” tweeted a fourth.

Saw has always been famous for it’s particularity chilling and gory scenes and follows the story of the ‘Jigsaw’ killer, who usually tortures his victims when they have done wrong.

Some scenes have gone down in cinema history, including the very first Saw film, in which someone had to cut off a limb in order to escape.

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