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23rd Apr 2019

Watch every Marvel post-credits scene ahead of Avengers: Endgame

Wil Jones

“You’ve become a part of a bigger universe, you just don’t know it yet.”

If you managed to avoid the spoilers for Avengers: Endgame going around, this week will be when we finally find out what happened after probably the biggest cinematic cliffhanger in movie history.

Over ten years and 22 films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us many things: the resurrection of Robert Downey Jr’s career, lots of handsome guys called Chris, the Wakanada Forever salute, to name a few.

But perhaps the biggest trend it has instigated in the post-credits teaser. Sure, they existed before – both Young Sherlock Homes and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off did it in the 1980s. But when an uncredited Samuel L Jackson showed up as Nick Fury at the end of the first Iron Man to announce to Tony Stark that he had just “become a part of a bigger universe,” fans lost their minds.

With Avengers: Endgame now just hours away, Disney has put all the post-credits scenes from every movie online, for you to have a mini-binge of before seeing the fourth Avengers movie. Ok, technically, they left some out – particularly the more comedic ones that didn’t advance the plot or reveal anything new – but basically one from every movie is (we think) there.