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23rd Nov 2021

Jumanji 4 starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart looks set to arrive sooner than we thought

Kieran Galpin


You can never get enough Jack Black

Jumani 4 may be closer than we thought, with plans reportedly already underway to once again take us to the hectic world of this video game brought to life.

Though the franchise’s lead stars have extremely busy schedules, a production timeline has allegedly already been set. Producer Hiram Garcia has hinted that the third instalment of the modern franchise and fourth film overall, could be arriving much sooner than originally believed.

The last addition, named Jumanji: Next Level, was released in 2019 and received praise for its diversity and overall entertainment factor. Though the next film had been planned for soon after, the pandemic hit and threw schedules into chaos.

Karen Gillan chose to star in Gunpowder Milkshake, while Jack Black and Kevin Hart also took on other projects as Jumanji was temporarily shelved.

Producer Garcia teased the next film but unfortunately didn’t reveal specifics.

“We have a really fun pitch,” he told in an exclusive interview.

He added: “We’re actually getting ready to take it to Sony to let them hear what we’ve been cooking up.”

Garcia added that the team has a “big vision” for the next movie.

“We’ve got a big vision for [the next Jumanji] movie. So we’re fired up for that. We’re taking it in soon. And obviously the goal is sometime after… Jake [Kasdan] is doing Red One for us, so that is going to be next up.

“But sometime after Red Notice comes out, Jumanji is going to be on deck. I feel like we’ll have everything ready by then and we’ll be able to get into that third instalment.”

Garcia’s latest project, Red Notice, is now available on Netflix for streaming. Catch Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds kicking ass and looking gorgeous while doing it.

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