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11th Sep 2020

The hardest Spider-Man movie quiz you will ever take

Wil Jones

Spider-Man is many things: an inspiration to many, a corporate icon owned by a multi-billion-dollar company, and the star of many entertaining memes

There have now been eight Spidey films – or even more than that, if you count the 1970s TV show that got edited into movies and released into cinemas in Europe (ask your parents).

Plus he’s been in a handful of Avengers and Captain America films. And Venom got his own film, but Spidey isn’t actually in that.

Anyway, that is a lot of films. Some of them are great. The original Sam Raimi trilogy of films, with Tobey Maguire, remain all-time classics – yes even Spider Man 3. That dance scene is great. Be quiet.

Into The Spider-Verse is obviously a masterpiece as well. Shame about the Andrew Garfield movies though.

But how much of a Spider-Nerd are you? Here is a quiz to find out. It is a difficult quiz though. We’re sure some geeks will claim it is not difficult enough, in which case, let us know and we’ll make one that’s even harder.

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