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22nd Oct 2020

Arachnado, a film about spider tornadoes, is here to save 2020

Wil Jones

Sharknado, but with spiders instead of sharks – what’s not to love?

Earlier this month, we suggested that Ju Jitsu, a film where Nicolas Cage leads a bunch of martial artists against aliens, was going to be the best film of 2020. Then we discovered Arachnado.

We apologise for this error.

The first trailer for Arachnado has been released, and it appears to be exactly what it sounds like. A cyclone headed for Los Angeles picks up a load of giant spiders and throws them all over the city. 

It is basically just Sharknado but with spiders instead of sharks.

It does not appear to be officially connected to the Sharknado franchise. Those films are made by a studio called The Asylum, which outside of their shark movies are best known for making ‘mockbusters’ – cheap knock-offs of real blockbusters, like Transmorphers, Triassic World and Atlantic Rim. Arachnado might however be the first time someone has made a ‘mockbuster’ of an Asylum film, as opposed to the other way around.

Arachnado comes from a director named Dustin Ferguson, who’s other titles include Los Angeles Shark AttackAngry Asian Murder Hornets, and Ebola Rex. He has 97 credits as a director on IMDB!

The cast of the film includes Mel Novak (Bruce Lee’s Game of Death), Deborah Dutch (Hard to Die), Brinke Stevens (Slumber Party Massacre), and Shawn C. Phillips (Ghost Shark). All big names you have definitely heard of there.

Arachnado is due to be released on DVD and VOD at Thanksgiving in the US – there is no word yet on a UK release.

The Sharknado films ended up having six installments, which took the sharks around the world and even back in time, and featured cameos from everyone from David Hasselhoff to Jedward to WWE wrestlers to Olivia Newton-John to the presenters of Good Morning Britain.

Will Arachnado find the same success? We can only hope.