Fans slam Chris Pratt over 'problematic' Insta post about his wife 9 months ago

Fans slam Chris Pratt over 'problematic' Insta post about his wife

The caption doesn't have much regard for his ex-wife or his son either

Chris Pratt has come under fire for what many are calling a "tasteless" and "problematic" Instagram post where he gushed over his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger - daughter of Arnold.


In the post, Pratt mentions the way she looks at him, how they met and all of her quirks - the usual stuff. He then goes on to talk about how she's given him "a gorgeous healthy daughter", which is in fact the comment people have responded negatively to.


Pratt was married to Anna Faris between 2009 and 2018 and the two share a nine-year-old son called Jack. After being born premature, Jack arrived with a number of health conditions including cerebral haemorrhaging, slight vision and muscle issues in his legs. All that being said, much of social media think referencing his daughter Lyla's good health is a bit of a dig against Faris.

Those who could also relate to having a child with special needs or some form of disability were incensed at the comment, unintentional or not.


This particular woman had no time for the debate of whether the post qualified as "cringe" or not, only to declare that both "deserve better":

While Pratt, 42, has landed huge roles in Guardians of the Galaxy, the Jurassic World franchise and more, Faris has been a familiar face in Hollywood for decades now, with big roles in the Scary Movie series,


This particular showbiz story only seems to be reminding them of how much they love her work and her relationship with her son.

Faris, 42, has been open about her pregnancy struggles and we're sure that Pratt meant no offence with his comments, but it's easy to see how it has rubbed people the wrong way.

To make matters worse, some casual web sleuths also went so far as to look into the church which Pratt says he met his current wife, discovering some rather unsavoury details:


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