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03rd Oct 2022

Stars of creepy new horror that’s left fans too scared to watch it reveal most difficult scene to film

Steve Hopkins

And the scene had nothing to do with some of the more terrifying elements of the movie

The stars of a movie that’s reportedly left horror fans ‘too scared’ to watch it and has been dubbed “as scary as it looks” by reviewers have revealed the most difficult scene to film.

Smile was released in cinemas this week following a marketing campaign as creepy as its trailer – staring people were planted in baseball game crowds across the US – and it was a box office smash, opening to $22 million and coming in first place by a huge margin, BoxofficeMojo reported.

The movie, directed and written by Parker Finn, who based Smile on his award-winning short film, Laura Hasn’t Slept, features plenty of jump-scare moments, traumatic themes and a shape-shifting supernatural force that compels people to break into the terrifying grin. It stars 13 Reasons Why star, Sosie Bacon, Caitlin Stasey – known for her roles in 90210 – Laura Weaver,  and The Boys actor Jessie T Usher.

Away from the horror, Smile also weaves in themes around mental health and trauma. The lead character, a psychiatrist named Dr Rose Cotter (Bacon), is plagued by said smiles at every turn and struggles to convince those around her that she’s not simply losing her mind.

Speaking to UNILAD, the cast said there was one scene in particular that really caused them troubles. And it wasn’t remotely scary, though it did involve a creature said to have nine lives.

Jessie T Usher told the publisher, “My most difficult scene was the scene where we [he and Rose] walk in the house and the cat runs by,” before laughing as Sosie Bacon put her head in her hand.

“That was probably the most technically difficult scene,” Bacon added before Usher explained: “That’s because it was just funny. The cat would not follow instructions.”

Despite the cat doing, well, what you’d expect a cat to do – its own thing – co-star Kyle Gallner did point out that it was the “cutest” feline they’d ever seen.

Bacon added: “And the trainer’s trying to [instruct the cat], it’s so intense and their cat’s always not behaving properly.

“You can tell they’re upset and insecure about it and it’s like ‘it’s a f**king cat’.”

Usher added: “Sosie was trying to be so in the moment and she was feeling bad. In the scene, she’s trying to stay in character and the whole time the trainers with the cats are standing right off camera going ‘tss tss tss’.”

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