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16th Jun 2022

Fans demand Henry Cavill as Bond following actor’s new video

Kieran Galpin

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It’s not a bad choice, but perhaps an obvious one?

Henry Cavill has once again been put forward for the role of James Bond, thanks to an advertisement he uploaded to his Instagram story.

Talks around who will be the next Bond have spiralled since Daniel Craig’s last stint as the martini-drinking spy with No Time To Die. While our own list is arguably the best out there (we’re not biased, we swear), Henry Cavill has been a standout choice across the internet.

As part of a collaboration with No 1 Botanicals, the 39-year-old actor exits a store and walks past an Aston Martin DB5- can you see where this is headed? The car has been, of course, the signature vehicle of James Bond ever since Sean Connery’s tenure as 007.

In the Ad, the Superman actor walks past the car and exclaims: “Life will always have its sweet temptations.”

Naturally, this caused Cavill’s name to pop up across Twitter.

“Henry Cavill’s not so subtle Bond reference in his latest video…” wrote Empire Magazine’s Olly Gibbs on Twitter.

Another said: “He’s literally perfect for James Bond.have you seen this video?”

But not everyone is down with the choice, and one Bond fan wrote: “With Henry Cavill we would lose a sense of intrigue that comes with a lesser known, less obvious actor.

“I for one wouldn’t be like, “oooh I can’t wait to see what this guy does with Bond!” We know him. We know how he would perform.

“Also, he’s trying way too hard.”

Cavill wouldn’t be a bad choice for Bond, given that he’s filled just about every other action role out there, but that doesn’t mean he’s a shoe-in.

Earlier this year, James Bond Boss Barbara Broccoli revealed that Elba had been mentioned even before Craig’s finale film.

Speaking on Deadline’s Crew Call podcast, she said: “Well, we know Idris, we’re friends with him, and he’s a magnificent actor… it’s been part of the conversation but it’s always difficult to have the conversation when you have someone in the seat.”

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