Family Guy may have hinted at the Brett Ratner sexual harassment allegations back in 2012 3 years ago

Family Guy may have hinted at the Brett Ratner sexual harassment allegations back in 2012

Six women have accused the filmmaker of sexual harassment or misconduct.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has been calling out the inappropriate sexual behaviour in Hollywood.

Following the multiple allegations of sexual assault and rape that were made against Harvey Weinstein, MacFarlane's barbed dig at the disgraced film producer at an Oscars event back in 2013 has been widely shared.

He has also expressed his views about Weinstein on Twitter.

More recently, a 2005 episode of Family Guy has been brought to the world's attention following the allegations that Kevin Spacey made sexual advances towards a 12-year-old Anthony Rapp in the 80s - and the actor's subsequent apology statement.

During that particular episode, Stewie is seen running naked through a shopping mall while shouting: "Help! I've escaped from Kevin Spacey's basement! Help me!"

The latest celebrity to face allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct is the director of Rush Hour and X: Men - The Last Stand, Brett Ratner.

Six women, including The Newsroom actress Olivia Munn and Species star Natasha Henstridge, made the allegations in the Los Angeles Times.

Ratner's lawyer "categorically" denies all of these accusations, however, since they were made public, the director has said that he's stepped away from dealings with movie studio Warner Bros.

Much like Spacey and Weinstein, Family Guy has also featured Ratner before and it doesn't paint the filmmaker in a good light.

The particular episode aired in 2012 and in a parody of the Taken films, we see Brian dressing up in disguise to infiltrate a sex slave auction.

A distraught women is auctioned off for $200,000, before Stewie, dressed as a girl, gets up on stage to dance.  The auctioneer then starts to announce the bids and says: ‘I have £75,000, thank you Brett Ratner.’

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