Ezra Miller accused of leading a cult, wearing body armour and carrying a gun everywhere he goes 2 weeks ago

Ezra Miller accused of leading a cult, wearing body armour and carrying a gun everywhere he goes

Miller has been wrapped up in a number of controversies in recent months, including two arrests in March

Ezra Miller's numerous controversies continue to pile up as the actor has now been accused of running a cult, wearing body armour and carrying "at least one gun" everywhere they go.


The 29-year-old actor was the subject of a report by Insider on Friday which claimed the Flash and Fantastic Beasts star has been linked to a commune based out of Iceland since 2020 and has been involved in grooming young women, as well as allegations of "psychological abuse" and controlling behaviour.

This isn't the first time their behaviour in the Nordic country has been noted, as a video previously shared online appeared to show Miller choking a female fan. As it happens, during their two months in Iceland, Miller is also said to have organised this so-called "cult-like commune", populating it with artists, ex-pats and young women.

Ezra Miller allegations Credit: Miller's mugshots from the two arrest in March and April

Local witnesses who claim to have seen Miller in Reykjavík described them as unkempt and an "aggressive person" who rarely changed out of their clothes and on one occasion, three people recalled Miller walking barefoot around the city, revealing unclipped toenails and what looked to be an infected gash on their foot.

One of the women, who is said to have been present in the Icelandic capital, claims she had a brief sexual relationship with Miller when she was 18 and was left traumatised by their regularly erratic and unpredictable behaviour.

She says that Miller didn't like being disagreed with by members of the group and could go from telling her "I love you" to claiming they could read her mind and calling her "f***ing disgusting".


Perhaps most alarmingly, even prior to this and their two arrests in Hawaii, as early as 2016 Miller has been accused of grooming underage girls as well as distributing alcohol and illegal drugs like LSD - a substance which reportedly saw their young female companion, Tokata Iron Eyes, overdose back in January.

Speaking to the outlet, the parents of the girl - who was just 12 when the pair met - claim that they asked to sleep in her bed when she was only 14 and family friends even allege they caught them having sex after she had turned 18.

The girl issued a video response on her Instagram refuting their numerous claims.


Tokata is said to have flown all over the world with Miller and has now been granted a protection order. Since then, the actor posted a series of cryptic messages before deleting their social media and dropping off the radar entirely; US courts are still trying to locate him.

Sightings have been scarce but Miller is said to have been spotted in Vermont (Miller's fixed residence), Hawaii and a number of other locations. As the report details, friends and acquaintances are now growing concerned that Miller has grown paranoid and even believes he is being hunted by the FBI and KKK.

Most recently, Miller has been seen threatening to "knock out" a fan in a supermarket during a bizarre interaction.


In addition to detailing recent reports that suggested Miller is sheltering a mother of three feeling an abusive partner in their Vermont home, with more witnesses claiming it is an unsuitable environment for children, Insider also interviewed musician Oliver Ignatius.

Having previously collaborated with Miller and clashed over claims the actor stole music without crediting him, Ignatius said observing his inappropriate and abusive relationship with Tokata Iron Eyes was the last straw, remarking: "I was misled by an extremely manipulative actor".

Perhaps most staggeringly of all is that despite this litany of allegations, Miller's standalone The Flash movie is still due to release some time in 2023, even with many calling for him to be recast.

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