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13th Aug 2015

Exclusive: Shane Meadows drops big hint of This is England ’90 follow-up at the première (Video)

A class act

Ben Kenyon

Clubs, drugs, raves, acid house and heartache…it could only be This is England ’90.

It looks like it’s going to be best of the lot…if you’ve not watched the trailer, stop what you’re doing right now and get it on.

If you can’t tell we’re pretty excited about it, but until now we were also a little bit gutted as director Shane Meadows said it was going to be the last we saw of Shaun, Woody, Milky and the gang.

But JOE was at the première of This is England ’90 where Meadows was introducing his new work and he hinted that there could well be a follow-up after all.

Cue wild celebrations.

Just hearing Meadows talking about the new series is enough to whet your appetite. Bring on September…