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16th Jul 2018

Everyone had the same response after Georgia and Sam split on Love Island

James Dawson

Georgia’s loyalty was put to the test

So, there was a twist. The contestants thought they were choosing for Georgia and Sam to leave the Love Island villa, but they weren’t finished, instead they had a  choice to split up in order to stay in the villa.

As Caroline Flack put it: “You haven’t been saved by the public or your fellow Islanders. Therefore, you cannot stay on Love Island as a couple.

“This doesn’t have to be the end of your Love Island journey. It’s a huge decision, it’s either split up and remain in the villa or stay together and leave. Before you make that decision, I can tell you there are two new boys and two new girls waiting to enter the villa today.

“If you decide to split up and stay on the Island, you will each date two new Islanders and head back to the villa. You will decide who to couple up with on the next recoupling. But you can’t be with each other.”

And despite Georgia having claimed to be ‘loyal’, when push came to shove, the chance of winning 50k was just too much to refuse. The two of them opted to stay on the Island and instead get paired up into reality-TV-constructed relationships with some newbies.

And the response on social media was entirely predictable…