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19th Jun 2018

Everyone is wondering why Samira has disappeared on Love Island

They haven't... have they?

Kyle Picknell

Was she just a figment of our imagination all along?

Viewers spotted something very strange on Tuesday’s Love Island, and it wasn’t Adam jumping from lukewarm love interest to lukewarm interest like the big Geordie snake he is.

That is standard behaviour.

No, the stranger thing happening was the fact that Samira, who is definitely a contestant on this year’s Love Island, mainly because we have seen her on Love Island, mainly because we have seen her on literally every episode on Love Island so far, has suddenly disappeared.

They haven’t… no… they can’t have… surely?

Would they do that?

Would Love Island take a not particularly interesting contestant out the back and *gulp*, tell her they would simply be editing out of all future episodes because she’s not, in fact, particular interesting?

Well, it’s better than shooting her, in my opinion. Not even Love Island contestants deserve that. Not even Adam deserves that. A firm kick in the genitals, sure, but not a gun to his head. We don’t condone that sort of behaviour.

Anyway, everyone took to Twitter to wonder where on earth Samira had gotten to:

And those tweets have given us one final note to end on: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective was a good film wasn’t it? Ace Ventura: Pet Detective was a really good film. When Nature Calls wasn’t bad either.