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22nd Mar 2018

ESPN have devised a 32-movie tournament to distinguish the best sports movie of all time

Rudi Kinsella

Some great movies here, which ones will you be voting for?

Given the month that’s in it, ESPN have come up with a new version of March Madness, and created their own 32-team bracket in an attempt to distinguish the best sports movie of all time.

The movies were seeded into eight categories and, as you’ll see below, are largely limited to movies US audiences will be familiar with. It’s the only reason we can think of for the exclusion of Escape to Victory.

1st seeds: Rocky, Remember the Titans, Hoosiers, Field of Dreams

2nd seeds: The Sandlot, Rudy, Caddyshack, Space Jam

3rd seeds: Miracle, Rocky II, Major League, Happy Gilmore

4th seeds: Talladega Nights, A League of Their Own, Friday Night Lights, Any Given Sunday

5th seeds: Jerry Maguire, We Are Marshall, Coach Carter, Raging Bull

6th seeds: The Waterboy, Dodgeball, The Mighty Ducks, The Blindside

7th seeds: White Men Can’t Jump, The Karate Kid, Moneyball, Love and Basketball

8th seeds: The Longest Yard, Bring it On, Cool Runnings, Bend it like Beckham

Have a look at the full list of movies, and which movies will be facing off here:

So far, we’ve seen Rocky defeat Cool Runnings (which was extremely harshly deemed as an eighth seed), The Sandlot defeat Moneyball, The Mighty Ducks edge Miracle, and Talladega Nights destroy Jerry Maguire.

It’s hard to look past Rocky as favourite, but we wouldn’t go ruling out Space Jam, Remember the Titans or Coach Carter just yet… The rest of the voting will take place throughout the rest of March, so keep your eye on the ESPN Twitter page if you want to cast your vote.