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02nd Mar 2018

Emmerdale fans are pure raging at last night’s episode

Have some decorum Laurel

Oli Dugmore

Have some decorum Laurel

It was all happening in Emmerdale last night which, when you think about it, is quite like every other night on Emmerdale.

A car crash, a “near death experience” and some zesty snogging. Let’s unpack things in chronological order.

Jimmy’s driving but he’s got to take a call because business. He routes it to the hands free, naturellement, and spins the car around after learning he has some, er, unfinished business.

But careless Jimmy reverses into Laurel, sending her sprawling across the asphalt. Stupid, stupid Jimmy!

Apparently unconscious, Laurel’s friends rushed to her aid and she was whisked off to A&E where viewers’ worries were seemingly confirmed when Jimmy emerged sobbing.

Then lusty Bob shows up, fearing the worst. Fear not lusty Bob, Laurel emerges with only a broken arm. Tis a scratch, nothing but a flesh wound.

Life’s great aphrodisiac (a near death experience) kicks in – cut to Laurel and Bob vigorously tonguing each other.

And the fans are pure raging about it.