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11th Aug 2015

Ed Sheeran gets Cecil the lion etched across his chest…

On me Ed, no chest

Lia Nicholls

The shooting of Cecil the Lion has touched millions all over the world; some more than others it seems – like Ed Sheeran.

The singer has undergone hours of pain to have this beastly tattoo inked across his whole chest.


Posting a photo of the mammoth tattoo on Instagram, Ed wrote:

Perhaps he’d planned to have a huge lion tattooed before Cecil was shot and killed by dentist Walter Palmer, but it’s a very timely coincidence. It could always be Aslan, of course.

Whichever king of the jungle it is based on, Ed admitted there’s a lot more roaring to come as the etching is only half finished.

The big cat is the latest in a long line of tattoos; he’s also got Pingu, a paw print and a snowflake.

He could have just endorsed some of the Cecil the Lion merchandise on offer, such as this soft toy with all proceeds going to Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.

Or if he wanted to go way over the top, this gross phone case…