Drag queen does poppers live on Channel 4 - tells mum 'I've bloody made it' 1 month ago

Drag queen does poppers live on Channel 4 - tells mum 'I've bloody made it'

Viewers were absolutely loving it

A drag queen was caught sniffing poppers on live TV over the weekend and they just couldn't wait to tell their mum they'd "made it".


Fatt Butcher was papped sniffing the legal high in the background of Joe Lycett's Big Pride Party on Saturday night. The programme, which aired on Channel 4, celebrated 50 years of Pride in the UK, the same day a huge parade took place in London to mark the occasion.

Lycett was joined on the show by Years and Years star Olly Alexander, Hollywood superstar Rupert Everett, Heartstopper actor Joe Locke and loads of other special guests, who came to be part of the grand finale to Channel 4's 'Proud All Over' season. Boy George, Culture Club, Steps and Self Esteem also performed.

One performance that was likely not part of the plan was Fatt Butcher having a cheeky sniff of poppers in the background next to Lycett. Of course, the internet went wild for it.


"@FattButcher sniffing poppers live on @Channel4 next to @joelycett is everything I needed tonight," one viewer said.

"Sniffing poppers live on national television,’ another said, "This has to be a first."

Fatt Butcher was equally ecstatic about their TV appearance. "Mom I just did poppers live on @channel 4," they wrote on Twitter and Instagram.

Sharing an article about their special moment, they tweeted: "I've bloody made it, mom!"

Poppers are a liquid chemical sold in a small bottle and are usually sniffed.

They can make some feel euphoric and aroused, while others might feel sick and faint and get a head rush. The head rush lasts for a few minutes then fades, though you might feel dizzy or sick for a while afterwards. You can find out more about them on TalkToFrank.

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