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26th Jul 2018

Sauceless Dr Alex has made a heinous error and is now getting both lobster-flavoured barrels

It's over mate


It’s over mate

Love Island‘s doctor Alex was seemingly invincible. Despite acting like an all-round total cuck most of the time, he was still largely liked. Despite every transgression, every misdemeanour, he was forgiven. Viewed as twee, a nice guy, not an emotionally manipulative little shite.

It would appear that his antics on tonight’s episode of Love Island were a bridge too far for his Ferrari red visage to traverse.

This evening he decided to tell Alexandra that he was not feeling it. That even after she had taken him back, it was too intense, she was too much. My God. Error.

In return Alexandra called the doctor “pathetic” and walked off, leaving him to stew in a delicious remorse-flavoured bisque (which is a soupy sauce typically made from lobster you heathens.)

It was great telly. And Love Island Twitter was here. for. it.