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19th Jan 2016

David Walliams receives a brilliant letter of complaint from a young fan

Nooruddean Choudry

Talk about harsh.

This eleven-year old wasn’t taking any prisoners when he/she decided to give David Walliams a piece of their mind.

Despite being an ardent fan of the funnyman’s collection of children’s books, the youngster was less than impressed with a TV adaptation of Billionaire Boy, which aired on BBC One on New Year’s Day.

So much so that he/she scribed this quite brilliant (and brutal) letter of COMPLAINT. As Walliams says himself: ‘Oh dear. Children are the toughest critics…’

To David Walliams,

This letter is NOT fan mail. Yes, it has been sent to the fan mail address but it is a COMPLAINT.

Firstly, I have read all of your books and have loved all of them, especially Ratburger. I also really enjoyed Billionaire Boy, which is the subject of this COMPLAINT.

I had anticipated the arrival of it on the screens, but after I watched it I was highly disappointed. First off, the acting was awful except for the adults. I could’ve done better and I’m eleven, nearly twelve.

Secondly, some names were changed for no reason whatsover, such as Dave Grubb, as changed into George Grubb, and Miss Spite was changed to Miss Spike or Strict or something.

Thirdly, Joe’s character traits were completely changed from spoiled brat to sad boy.

Fourthly, it got confusing and a bit boring, like when Miss Spike (?) calls Bob ‘Gareth’ or something, and how Bob immediately knew that Joe paid the Grubbs.

Fifthly and finally (finally), the storyline was unrecognisable. What about Lisa? She didn’t exist, and that crumples the entire story.

I hope you take into account this COMPLAINT and did not throw it away after you read COMPLAINT.

Last of all, I know that most of this probably wasn’t your fault, as the entire thing may have been changes by the scriptwriters and people. If so, please give this letter to them.