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20th Mar 2018

David Platt reveals horrific injuries as Corrie depicts brutal reality of rape

It was shocking viewing - but the show has been praised for the story

Oli Dugmore

It was shocking viewing – but the show has been praised for the story

Coronation Street has been commended for its honest and emotional depiction of rape and its aftermath.

Viewers watched the shocking moment David Platt woke up to the realisation he had been sexually assaulted in Tuesday’s episode.

He opened his eyes to see a note left by his attacker reading:  “Gone to gym. Help yourself to brekkie. No crumbs!”

The night before Josh had spiked his drink with HGH and when it dawned on David he was left speechless.

After getting home, shocked David was unable to explain what had happened to his mum. She jokingly called him a “dirty stop-out” unaware of the ordeal.

Corrie fans could barely watch as the broken man went upstairs to wash himself and sat down on the floor of the shower.

They also noticed he was covered in bruises and scratch marks from the brutal attack.

David clearly wanted to be alone but was met with another reminder of the rape when Shona shouted: “David could you be anymore ignorant if you tried. When you can actually string a sentence I’ll be in the cafe.

“If you can’t remember where it is I’m sure Saint Josh will tell you.”

*Coronation Street continues on ITV at 8.30pm