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08th Feb 2017

David Beckham’s hacked emails give a glimpse into his everyday life

He's just like one of us really... sort of

Ciara Knight

David Beckham is just like you and I.

Poor little Davey B has had his emails hacked and was blackmailed. They wanted £1m to prevent the emails from being leaked, but David rightfully refused to pay up.

Lucky for us, these emails have now been leaked, which means we’ve now got an insight into the inner workings of Brand Beckham and his everyday goings-on.

Having thoroughly digested every single email, I can confirm that David Beckham is still a Top Bloke™ and has dodged a bullet with these extremely timid leaked emails.

Here’s some of the emails David has sent in recent months. They are definitely real.

General life admin features plenty in DB’s sent items

Surprisingly, David responds to a fan (of the Spice Girls)


David has a query for his good friend Tom Cruise

Still eager to upgrade that OBE, David takes matters into his own hands


David and Victoria often struggle to get in touch, sometimes resorting to email


Still relatively new to Instagram, David doesn’t quite understand the relentless thirst of teenage girls online


We refuse to leak the rest because they are simply too boring and these fake ones are probably enough for now.


David Beckham