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27th Jun 2017

Dan Walker and Piers Morgan get into Twitter spat after Tory MP opts for BBC over ITV

Gary Lineker even got involved

Robert Redmond

Another spat caused by the Tories.

First, David Cameron, the former Conservative leader and Prime Minister, calls a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. Brexit happens and it looks like people will be arguing about it for a very long time.

Then his successor Theresa May calls a snap election to try gain a clear majority in the House of Commons, loses her majority and is forced into a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to stay in power.

From saying there’s “magic money tree” to promising the DUP a billion pounds, the Prime Minister and her government has ensured people will have even more to disagree with one another about over the next few years.

And now, worst of all, the Tories have caused a Twitter spat to develop between Dan Walker and Piers Morgan. Monsters.

According to Morgan, Sir Michael Fallon was due to be a guest on ITV show Good Morning Britain, but pulled out on short notice.

Then, less than an hour later, BBC Breakfast host Walker said that Fallon and fellow Conservative Iain Duncan Smith would appear on his show.

The Daily Express wrote a story about Morgan labelling Fallon “gutless” for not appearing on the show to face questions about the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Walker took issue with this, saying people could either watch Morgan “moaning about not getting an interview” or watch the interview on his show.

Morgan struck back, calling Walker a “football presenter.”

Walker gave Morgan a handy tip.

Jake Humphrey, the BT Sports presenter, got involved for some reason.

Morgan went for a knockout blow, referencing the increase in ratings for Good Morning Britain.

And called the interviews on BBC “tedious.”

Then this happened.

Which prompted Walker to have another dig.

Before Gary Lineker got involved.

But Morgan, as ever, wouldn’t be silenced.

It’sĀ Susanna Reid we feel sorry for. The Good Morning Britain presenter will have to hear about this all week.