Corrie viewers are all saying the same thing about Aidan Connor's suicide 4 years ago

Corrie viewers are all saying the same thing about Aidan Connor's suicide

Corrie has its fair share of moments

As of late, there's been lying, cheating, faking deaths... and that's just in the last two episodes, probably.


Recently, however, Coronation Street has been tackling an issue that is often left unspoken and ignored due to its taboo status - male mental health.

Last week, the soap depicted Shayne Ward's character, Aidan, die by suicide after he was shown sitting surrounded by people in the Rovers Return.

Aidan left to go home and was last seen breaking down alone.


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Since then, Aidan's friends and family have been dealing with their loss and tonight, teenager Summer Spellman did a little something to try and help in whatever way she could.

Having being placed on work experience in Underworld where Aidan used to manage, Summer told Carla and Jenny that she wanted to start a mental health initiative to try and get men to talk about how they're feeling.


She also said she wanted it to be in aid of Aidan.

She said:

"We wanted to do it in Aidan’s name. It’s just to get them talking so if they do have a problem it doesn’t seem as big a deal to talk about it.

“We even thought we could put numbers at the bottom of receipts and businesses.”

Carla, understandably, was totally up for the idea. She said: “If this helpline saves at least one life maybe Aidan’s death won’t be for nothing.”


Viewers all had a similar, supportive response.